Tucked away in the hills of western Sonoma County among towering redwoods and crystal clear streams is where you will find Montgomery School. Our beautiful, rural location provides a peaceful place for students to excel in the many programs and opportunities we offer. Our family-like environment encourages strong community participation and support for all 35 students as well as staff members. Our historical legacy (Montgomery is named after the original landowner who donated the site) goes back generations and today’s students trace their family lineage through stories told of the original one room schoolhouse.


It is the mission of Montgomery Elementary to provide a safe, supportive and encouraging learning environment for all students. Students shall acquire the academic skills and knowledge as outlined in the California State Standards as well as develop a true understanding of the value of the educational process. Students shall be given opportunities to develop a healthy and positive self-image through lessons designed to foster organization, self-reliance and a strong work ethic. Students shall master the thinking skills required for problem solving and decision making relevant to a changing multicultural world. Our students shall learn to take responsibility for their behavior, develop an understanding and respect for diversity, and develop a caring for others.